Unidentified Patterns

This page is dedicated to patterns that have recently been uncovered and for which no information is known. This first example is from Kevin Kerr of New Zealand. Here is his description:

"It has side on views of peacocks and peacocks with their tails spread around the inside edge with a peacock feather design in the middle. The bowl is 9 inches diameter and 4 inches high. Made in a three part mould with three unusual feet. It is black with irridising on the inside and part way down the outside. The base has a reversed number 3 in the centre. There is a repeating panelled pattern around the outside edge consisting of bamboo and several flower species.

I have looked through all the recognised patterns but can not find anything like it. I suspect it is probably from Asia with the bamboo pattern, maybe India."

If you recognize this pattern or have found such unknown patterns, pass the information along to me at www.daviddoty900@comcast.net

Updated 4/24/2018