Alphabetical Listing, A
A & W Root Beer Mug
Abc Stork
Absentee Lotus and Grape
Acanthus, Imperial
Acanthus, Beaded, Imperial
Acanthus Leaf, Piccardo
Acorn, Fenton
Acorn Burrs
Acorn compote, Millersburg
Acorn vases, Millersburg
Ada tumbler
Adam's Rib
Admiral vase
African Shield vase
Aladdin lamp
Alfred Steiner Ashtray
Apple Blossom Shell
Apple Blossoms
Apple Blossom Twigs
Apple Panels
Apple and Pear
Apple and Pear Intaglio
Apple Tree water sets
Apple Tree vase whimsies
April Showers vases
Arched Flute
Arcs, Imperial, see Back Patterns
Argentina Star
Aster, enameled
Asian Fly Catcher
Athena, Goddess of
Athina vase
August Flower
Aurora Pearls
Australian Banded Diamonds
Australian Blocks and Arches
Australian Broken Chain
Australian Bullrushes
Australian Butterfly and Bower
Australian Butterfly Bush, Butterfly and Bells,
   Butterfly and Flannel Flower, Butterfly and Waratah

Australian Daisy
Australian Diamond Cut
Australian Emu
Australian Gum Tips vases
Australian Kangaroo
Australian Kingfisher or Kookaburra
Australian Kiwi
Australian Lily vase
Australian Magpie
Australian Pin Ups
Australian Scales (Fish Scales)
Australian Shrike (Thunderbird)
Australian Swan
Australian Trailing Flowers
Australian Water Lily and Dragonfly
Autumn Acorns
Aztec Sun bottle