Garden Mums, Fenton
This is the pattern from which Fenton made many of its advertising premiums. Some pieces have enameled lettering--presumably a process that was affordable for shorter manufacturing runs.

From The Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass Lettered Pieces, by John Resnik, 1989.

"The appearance of this particulary item, in a book on lettered pieces, is certain to raise a few questions. The most obvious one is where is the lettering?
Answer: There isn't any.
Next should be: what's it doing in this book?
Answer: Since this is a Fenton blank advertising piece, I felt it was at least in the proper spirit of this undertaking. Furthermore, it's cute, I happened to have it, and it's in my book."

Hartung Book Two: Garden Mums

Bowls (about 5 inch diameter)

Amethyst, 95 (2013), 45 (2014), 175 (2015)

Handgrip plates

Amethyst, 250 (2017), 80, 95 (both 2018), 75 (2019)

Plates, flat, 6 inches

Amethyst, 80 (2018), 95 (2019), 80, 90, 100, 110 (all 2020)

Amethyst, faint gold script, 150 (2008)

Amethyst, gold script, 450 (2000)

Updated 6/29/2021

Advertising pieces made from Garden Mums
Brazier's Candies
Central Shoe Store
Dorsey and Funkenstein
Exchange Bank
Geo. W. Getts
Gevurtz Bros Furniture
Ogden Furniture
Sterling Furniture
Utah Liquor Co.