Reissued and Contemporary Tumblers
As with the classic era tumblers, there is a huge variety in the contemporary tumblers. Some were reissued from old molds, some from new molds. This display includes most of the tumblers you're likely to run across. Click on the photo to go to the page.

Aloha, Imperial

Apple Tree, Fenton

Ball and Swirl, Westmoreland

Beaded Diamonds

Butterfly and Berry, Fenton

Cape Cod, Imperial


Cherry Blossom, AA Imports

Cherry and Cable


Eyewinker, Hansen

Fieldflower, Imperial

Fleur de Lis, Hansen

Floral and Grape, Wright

Four Seventy Four, Imperial

God and Home, Wright

Grape and Cable, St. Clair

Harvest, Indiana

Harvest Flower, Gibson

Heavy Iris, Gibson

High Hob, Westmoreland

HOACGA Good Luck

Hobstar and Fine Cut, Hansen

Holly Band, St. Clair

Imperial Grape

Inverted Fan and Feather

Inverted Strawberry

Lincoln Inn, Fenton

Imperial Rose

Mayflower, Imperial

Paneled Fruit, Fenton


Princess Feather, Westmoreland

Singing Birds

Star Cut, Imperial

Tiger Lily, Imperial

Windmill, Imperial