Contemporary Carnival Plates
American Craftsman plates, Fenton
Bicentennial, Indiana
Bicentennial, Joe St. Clair
Cherokee Strip Museum
Cherry Chain
Chicks plate, Westmoreland
Christ Died for our Sins
Christmas in America series, Fenton
Christmas plates, Imperial
Chrysanthemum chop plates
Craftsman series, Fenton
Elks, St. Clair
Fairy Tale
Frank Fenton Birthday Plate
Fruits and Flowers
Garden of Eden, Fenton
God and Home for Dorothy Taylor
Good Luck, Fenton
Grape, St. Clair
HOCCGA souvenirs
Holly, Fenton
Homestead, Imperial
Indiana Heirloom
Monuments plates, Imperial
Mother's Day, Fenton
Nation's Capital plate, Imperial
Peacock Tail and Daisy, Levay
Persian Medallion, Fenton
Romeo and Juliet
Smith plates
Three Kittens and Three Bears
Twelve Days of Christmas, Imperial