Imperial Carnival Glass, Made Since 1960
Imperial first began making Carnival Glass in about 1908, although they produced other lines beginning in 1904. They made their first reissues of Carnival in 1962. Most, but not all, items from this period were marked with the well known IG. In 1972 Lenox bought Imperial and continued to produce the Carnival line, adding an L to the IG. In 1981 Arthur Lorch purchased the company and added the A to the LIG. The company declared bankruptcy in 1984 and the molds were sold. Consequently, the molds came into the hands of other companies and some glass continues to be produced--some marked with the new makers name, some not marked, and some still with the IG, LIG, and ALIG marks.    signifies reissue, others are from newer molds.
Imperial colors

Rubigold (marigold), 1965-1972, IG

Peacock (smoke), 1965-1972, IG

Helios green, 1967-1970, IG

Sunset Ruby (red), 1968-1973, IG

Azure Blue (ice blue), 1969-1970, IG

Aurora Jewels (cobalt), 1970-1972, IG

Amber, 1973-1975, IG

White, 1974-1976, IG

Pink, 1978-1982, LIG & ALIG

Horizon blue (ice blue), 1979-1980, LIG

Meadow green (ice green), 1980-1981, LIG

Amethyst, 1981, LIG

Sunburst yellow, 1982 (ALIG)
Acanthus Leaf
Aloha tumbler
Autumn Oaks vase
Beaded Jewels covered jar
Bellaire Good Will Tour bowl
Big Cabin Tumbler
Block and Daisy vase
Boxed Star vase
Cape Cod
Christmas plates
Chrysanthemum chop plates
Cockerel covered box
Corn vase
Daisy Basket
Daisy whimsey vase
Diamond Point 4-toed vase
Dolphin candlesticks
Double Duce
Drama (Masque) vase
Eastern Star (#425)
Fancy Flowers
Feathers covered box
Flower and Scroll Vase
Four Seventy Four
Frosted Block vase
Gothic Arches vase
Heavy Grape, Fenton & Imperial
Hobstar punch set
Hobstar Nucut vases
Hobstar cracker jars
Holmes County Antique Festival

Honey jar, Imperial and Boyd
Imperial Daisy whimsey vase
Imperial Grape
Imperial Jewels
Imperial Rose repros
Insulator, Telephone Pioneers
Ivy and Vine
Jonquil vase
Kite and Panel
Lace vases
La Bella Rose vase
Lamb pieces
Leaf vases
Liberty Bell goblet
Lion covered box
Lions, footed, Imperial
Loganberry vases
Louis 14th covered jars
Lustre Rose
Monuments plates
Nona goblet
Nursery Rhyme mug
Octagon vases
Octagon reproductions
Owl covered jars, Imperial and Summit
Open Rose
Pinwheel punch set
Poppy Show vases
Presznick Museum mug
Ram's Head bowl and candlesticks
Ripple vases
Rooster covered box
Salz and Pfeffer shakers
Santa bell
Scroll Embossed
Scroll and Flower Panels vases
Six sided box (A12)
Star Cut tumbler
Star and File, Imperial
Storybook mug
Sundial vase
Sunflower vase
Suzanne bell
Three Swans vase
Tiger Lily
Tricorn vase
Turkey, covered
Twelve Days of Christmas plates
212 compote
Whirling Hobstar punch set
Waffle Block Vase
Zipper Loop lamps
Zodiac ashtray
Zodiac compotes