Alphabetical Listing, B
Baby Bootie
Ballard (lettered)
Balloons vases
Banded Diamonds & Bars
Banded Drape
Banded Grape
Banded Hat
Banded Portland
Banded Ribs
Band of Ovals vase
Band of Roses
Band of Stars
Bank, Owl
Barrel Dispenser
Basketweave and Cable
Basketweave and Cable lamp
Basket of Roses
Basketweave Open Edge
Bath Tub
Beaded Acanthus
Beaded Basket
Beaded Bullseye vases
Beaded Cable
Beaded Panels
Beaded Shell
Beaded Spears
Beaded Stars
Beaded Swirl, Leerdam
Beaded Swirl, Ways
Beaded Teardrops
Beads and Bars
Beads and Flowers
Beauty Bud vases
Beetle ashtray
Beehive Butter Dish
Beehive Honey Pot
Beehive Roll Lamp
Bellflower Vase
Bell and Arches
Bells and Beads
Bernheimer Bros. (lettered)
Berry Band and Ribs
Betsy Ross Jar
Be Wise Owl Bank
Big Basketweave
Big Butterfly tumbler
Big Diamond tumbler
Big Fish
Big Jessie
Big Thistle punch bowl
Billy Baxter Ashtray
Bird and Grapes wallpocket
Bird Figurines
Birds and Cherries
Birds and Cherries chop plates
Birds and Strawberry
Birmingham Age Herald
Bishop's Mitre vase
Black Banded candlesticks
Blackberry, Fenton
Blackberry, Northwood
Blackberry Banded
Blackberry Bark vase
Blackberry Block
Blackberry Bramble
Blackberry Open Edge
Blackberry Open Edge whimsies
Blackberry and Rays
Blackberry Spray
Blackberry, Wild
Blackberry Wreath
Blazing Cornucopia
Block and Fan
Blossom Band
Blossom and Palms
Blossomtime compotes
Blue Banded candlesticks
Blum's Department Store
Boggy Bayou vases
Bohemian Paneled Eights
Booker cider set
Boot, miniature
Boot toothpick holder
Bond vase
Bo Peep
Border Plants
Boston Wine Bottle
John H. Brand (lettered)
Brazier's Candies (lettered)
Briar Patch
Brilliant Medallions
Britt tumbler
Brocaded Acorns
Brocaded Daffodils
Brocaded Oak
Brocaded Palms
Brocaded Poinsettia
Brocaded Poppy
Brocaded Roses
Brocaded Summer Gardens
Broecker's Flour (lettered)
Broken Arches
Broken Branch vase
Brooklyn Bridge (lettered)
Bull Dog
Bullseye and Beads vases
Bullseye and Fan
Bullseye and Leaves
Bullseye and Loop vases
Bumble Bee
Bushel Baskets
Butterflies, Fenton
Butterfly Bowl
Butterfly, Northwood
Butterfly ornaments
Butterfly tumbler
Butterfly and Berry
Hatpin holders
Water and table sets
Butterfly and Corn vase
Butterfly and Fern
Butterfly and Tulip
Buttons and Bows, Jeanette
Buttons and Stars
Buzz Saw cruets
Buzz Saw and File